Full-Time Certificate Course

Duration :- 12 Weeks (3 Months) | Time :- Sunday to Thursday : 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Barry John system of training incorporates the most up-to-date and comprehensive techniques and methodologies that have proved to be inspiring and empowering. Devoid of academic theory and jargon, the system is a progressive series of exercises and projects that are experiential. The course is carefully designed to equip students with a mature level of physical, vocal, mental and emotional skills which lay a firm foundation for their engagements with film, television and theatre. It is rigorous and intensive, demanding a high degree of commitment, energy and perseverance.

Along with a wide range of physical and vocal exercises that enhance flexibility and control, the major projects in the course are :

  •    CHILDREN’S PLAY : Based on students own childhood memories, a play is devised and performed in a local school.
  •    DANCE DRAMA : Evolving a story from a plece of instrumental music, the students perform it without dialogue.
  •    PRIMITIVE RITUAL : An exploration of the roots of drama, evolving a performance through movement, sound and gibberish.
  •    STREET PLAY : The devising and performance of a play on contemporary socio-political issues in “nukkad natak” form.
  •    STATUS EXERCISE : The performance of an unchanging script in order to explore the difference between ‘social status’ and ’animal status’.
  •    PLAY READING AND SCENE WORK : Learning to analyze a text and to graph it in terms of character and action.
  •    ACTING FOR THE CAMERA : Scenes are devised, scripted and rehearsed prior to shooting following storyboards.

The projects are documented on film and each student receives a DVD or pen-drive copy at the end of the course. The “Acting for Camera” project is professionally edited as the teaching objectives include an understanding of various shots and issues of continuity.

The first Full-time Certificate Course will begin on Sunday 15 January 2017

"It’s not just a matter of “giving tips” or “polishing” it’s about turning actors inside-out and shaking them up so that even they are shocked by what they can perform. The worst thing actors can be is boring and predictable"
- Barry John.