Part-Time Certificate Course

Duration :- 12 Weeks (3 Months) | Time :- Friday and Saturday : 10:00 am to 2:30 pm

A 3-month part-time course in acting offers basic training in key aspects of the actor’s craft. It is very useful for beginning actors and for those who are working. The syllabus follows the same progression as the full-time course but the exposure is much less because of time : 9 hours a week compared to 30 hours. Nonetheless, students are thrilled to work through the basics and finish up acting for the camera all in three months.

All the major projects are documented on film and each student receives a DVD or pen-drive copy at the end of the course.

The first Part-time Certificate Course will begin on Friday 20 January 2017.

"Even if you discover that you are not the world’s greatest actor, you will not have wasted your time, for you will have grown, developed, expanded your mind and thoroughly enjoyed yourself. It’s magical!"
- Barry John.