Rules & Regulations

Towards a more efficient and disciplined running of the Studio and its classes, the following have proved to be important and compulsory :

  1. All participants must wear clothes that allow free uninhibited movement and self-expression. (Skirts, frocks and jeans are inappropriate.)
  2. Caps, hats and hoods are not allowed.
  3. Long hair must be tied back so that it does not cover the face.
  4. Facial make-up, false eyelashes and wigs are not allowed.
  5. All items of jewelry and accessories, including watches, should be removed.
  6. Mobile phones must be on SILENT mode during classes. Any interruption of the class because of a mobile phone will result in the removal of the phone and its owner.
  7. The consumption of food and beverages (except bottled drinking water) is strictly prohibited inside the classrooms.
  8. Each participant must carry a notebook and a pen into every class.
  9. Inappropriate language or behavior to any other student, teacher or staff member will not be tolerated and will lead to expulsion from the course.
  10. The possession and/or use of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated and will lead to expulsion from the course.
  11. Students are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the class and warm up. The door to the class will be locked once the class begins.
  12. Students who are late should not knock on the door or disturb the class in any way. Admission will not be granted to the latecomers.
  13. After each class, chairs should be stacked, other furniture and props cleared, and any litter removed.
  1. A maximum of 5 days of absence and 10 ‘lates’ are acceptable for the duration of the course. More than this may lead to expulsion from the course.
  2. Any absence should be supported by documentary evidence, i.e., a Medical Certificate, or a letter from a parent or guardian.
  1. Students are not permitted to sit in the area of the reception or office.
  2. Students responsible for the breakage of school property will be expected to pay for its replacement.
  3. Students are solely responsible for their personal property, and should take care that valuable are not left unattended. The school is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to students’ belongings.
  4. The Medical Certificate (stamped and signed by a registered medical doctor and submitted with the application form) attests to a student's physical, emotional and psychological fitness to undergo a course. BJAS will not be held morally, legally or financially responsible for any accidents, illness or indisposition that occurs during a course, especially if it is the consequence of crucial information having been withheld and not disclosed, or if the Medical Certificate proves to be forged or invalid.
  5. Course fees must be paid promptly at the time of delivering the application. Once fees are paid and the student is admitted to a course, the fees will not be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever.
  6. A current local address and mobile phone number of every student must be on file with BJAS and must be updated when a student changes residence or mobile number.
  7. BJAS reserves the right to make appropriate changes in the syllabus, the teaching staff, schedules and fee structure if and when it is deemed to be necessary.
  8. Students, once admitted to a course, must not delude themselves that a Diploma or Certificate will be given automatically at the end of a course. A Diploma or Certificate is awarded to those students who have acquitted themselves with energy, effort and integrity, and have exhibited a marked development in their skills and understanding to a high level of proficiency. Students who have minimal accomplishments and are deemed unfit to meet the demands of a professional situation will not be awarded a Diploma or Certificate. Instead, they will receive a ‘Certificate of Participation’. Also, students guilty of breaking rules, of unacceptable misdemeanours and antisocial behaviour will also forfeit their right to a Diploma or Certificate.
  9. Students must be aware that some aspects of the syllabus are going to be physically, emotionally and psychologically demanding. Most of us in our lives do not experience the situations or relationships that actors have to confront in playing characters in plays and films. Their behaviour is sometimes immoral, antisocial or violent; sometimes silly, saintly or shocking. The actor in training has to explore all these different aspects of the human condition, without fear and without being judgmental. Nevertheless, BJAS accepts the right of any student to refuse to perform any role or exercise they are not fully comfortable doing, and to sit and observe only. The concerned students will be asked to analyze why they are ‘blocked’, to search for reasons why they remain shy or inhibited. Too many such ‘blockages’ will seriously jeopardise their qualifying for a Certificate or Diploma.
  10. BJAS reserves the right to reject any application and to expel any student if and when it is deemed to be necessary. All activities, assignments, interactions, instructions, guidance, advice etc. conducted/imparted by the persons engaged by BJAS for the purpose are solely to help students assimilate the course content and syllabus. By joining the course, students agree to take no action whatsoever, during the conduct of the course or thereafter, which may bring any harm in any form to, or damage the reputation of, BJAS or any person engaged by BJAS.
  11. BJAS does not possess boarding and lodging facilities for students, and is under no obligation to provide or pay for them under any circumstances.
  12. BJAS does not possess any vehicle for use by students, and is under no obligation to provide or pay for transport under any circumstances.
  13. Students’ guests and visitors are not allowed in the studio premises without the prior permission of the director.
  14. All materials, books and films used during courses remain the property of BJAS unless authorized otherwise by the director. Course materials are copyright and must not be sold, hired, loaned or in anyway copied or recycled. Any infringement of this rule will lead to expulsion and/ or legal prosecution.
  15. Exercises, scene-work and productions recorded on hard drive, audio tape, video tape, film or still camera for purposes of documentation or analysis during courses remain the property of BJAS, and may be used by the Director for the purpose of demonstration, exhibition or publicity as deemed fit. Recordings given to students as ‘show reels’ may not be uploaded to YouTube or elsewhere on the Internet or otherwise distributed. The student may not use the name “Barry John Acting Studio” as any part of his or her social media profile (i.e., Facebook or Twitter) or email (i.e., Gmail) or represent themselves as part of BJAS in any capacity other than a current or past student.
  16. In the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, and in all matters of administration and discipline, the decision of the director is final and binding.